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This dark brooding jazz song, was partly inspired by Brecht and Weill, I guess its my interpretation of writing in their style. Like "Pirate Jenny" and "Surabaya Johnny" etc. The theme of the song explores my other passion of Greek mythology, which I kind of have before (Poseidon's Theme).

Tartarus was both a titan and a place. In "The Illiad" Zues asserts that Tartarus is "as far beneath Hades, as Heaven is high above the Earth"
While Hades ruled over the realm of the dead, Tartarus was the deep abyss that was used as a dungeon of torment and suffering for the wicked, and as a prison that sometimes housed other titans.

Like other primal entities such as Earth, Night and Time (Kronos), Tartarus was also considered to be a primordial force or deity.


Oh Tartarus
Why is it I'm freezing
I've been as evil as I can be
Was I too good
Not quite bad enough

Oh Tartarus
Where are my fires of torment
Licking at my heels
Twenty-Four hours a day
Was I too good
Not quite bad enough

Oh Tartarus
Lead me to your underworld
I'll see the likes of your there
And a million people like me
Dancing in flames
We sinned without shame

Oh Tartarus
Don't show me compassion
I've been so wicked
I've done all you asked
Pitch fork my torso
I'm bleeding oil

Oh Tartarus
Say that you need me
I've served you well
I did not fail
Dancing in flames
Praising your name


released September 29, 2016
Written, arranged and produced by David Simnel
All vocals and instruments by David Simnel



all rights reserved


David Simnel and the Pimpernels UK

Vocalist and multi-instrumentalist from the United Kingdom.
I have a passion for mixing up styles, anything from electro to jazz, punk to classical. I see myself as a crooner for the 21st century. I'm the first to acknowledge I'm very much an acquired taste! ... more

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